Economic operators (restaurants, bathing establishments, events, supermarkets, etc.) can offer new services to customers and access features designed for the particular emergency phase, through a dedicated console, even from tablets or smartphones.

It is possible to make the expected queues and waiting times visible to tourists, make reservations, selecting a preferred time slot (within those proposed by the system according to availability, so as to reduce waiting times and crowds at the entrance, buy and pay for any entrance tickets. Everything from your smartphone, in the simplest and most intuitive way possible.

In addition: send “push” notifications directly to tourists and visitors present at any time in the vicinity of your premises or service.

Of course, the system places a maximum limit on the number of notifications that can be received daily to avoid the effect of disaffection due to the annoyance of receiving too many unsolicited messages. In this case, the person who sends the notification also defines the area of the territory within which they want the message to be received.

For each booking or purchase, a digital ticket is automatically generated and maintained by the system in accordance with the law.

The amounts paid are automatically transferred to the persons who are entitled to them, according to predetermined rules, immediately transferring the share that belongs to those who directly manage the service. In the case of events that require it, the SIAE quotas are automatically transferred through a certified system.