Tellingstones is a digital system designed to welcome tourists and visitors, especially those who travel frequently and do not want to use Apps, circuit cards or other tools that are only locally valid.

Tellingstones is both an App and Cloud resident software and can work the same way anywhere in the world.

You can switch from one city to another, from one place to another, without downloading a new App; you just need to request the local card, which is automatically proposed if it is among those available, and which connects to locally developed services and content.

Tellingstones is proposed as a useful tool for small local entities that operate in tourism and that work to build an authentic and not stereotyped narration of places, promoting destinations that are not immediately visible and those of internal tourism, often obscured by big attractors and by the international communication mainstream.

Tellingstones offers considerable advantages and economies of scale compared to local Apps, both in terms of technological development and marketing and promotion of the solutions developed.

Tellingstones goes beyond the logic of consultation systems or digital tourist guides. In fact, thanks to Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence technologies, Tellingstones ‘meets’ people’s needs, trying to anticipate their needs with quality proposals.

We are working to integrate Tellingstones with a conversational chatbot, which will allow to interact also using the most popular social media (Whatsapp, Facebook, Telegram), in over five different languages!