The Night of Destiny will fall tonight, it is the most important night of Ramadam in which Muslims will recite the entire Koran. Maali tells it on Mosca Bridge, one of the places at the centre of ToNite’s narrative.

The Thousand Nights on the Dora is a collection of biographies of the inhabitants who collectively tell the neighbourhood, stimulating the creation of a cohesive and inclusive community starting from the knowledge of the stories of the people who compose it.

Presented at the ToNite launch conference on February 14th, the narrative action is made up of geo-localized stories along the Dora River thanks to the Tellingstones app that allows you to walk on the river and at the same time discover the stories of the people who living it. 

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Ponte Mosca

Ponte Mosca, Dora, Metropolitan City of Turin, Italy

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