“Every day I cross this bridge that connects two worlds: the one in which I sleep and the one in which I live. I travelled half the world always staying in Turin”.

Francesca, a young student of intercultural mediation, is the protagonist of the second of the Thousand Nights on the Dora, the narrative project that accompanies ToNite. It is a set of biographies collected among the inhabitants of the neighbourhoods crossed by the Dora, which aims to stimulate the creation of a cohesive and inclusive community, starting from the knowledge of the stories of the people who compose it.

With her biography set on the Carpanini Bridge, Francesca symbolically invites us to cross bridges as a sign of encounter with others and of confrontation with cultures other than ours.

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Ponte Carpanini

Ponte Domenico Carpanini, Turin, Metropolitan City of Turin, Italy

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