“Teranga in Wolof means hospitality and community, it is the Senegalese way of life: everyone says hello even if they don’t know each other, they ask you about the family”.

Ewa is 22 years old, she was born and raised in Turin and went to Senegal only twice, attends “Intercultural Communication” at the University of Turin.

The first difficulty that a Senegalese encounters in Italy is the language. Failing to communicate means closing in on oneself. Ewa has a very important role to prevent this from happening, the creation of barriers: “Knowing Wolof and Teranga I have become a point of reference for Senegalese here, for them I am a bit of a light”.

The Thousand Nights on the Dora is a set of biographies collected among the inhabitants of the neighbourhoods crossed by the Dora, which aims to stimulate the creation of a cohesive and inclusive community, starting from knowledge of the stories of the people who compose it.

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