“My life flows like the river behind me, without stopping whatever obstacles it encounters, it shapes itself and overcomes it”.

Syed is 29 years old; he comes from Pakistan, he works during the day and studies at night: he is an operator in a reception centre and will soon graduate in Aerospace Engineering at the Turin Polytechnic.

“I will be the first engineer from my home village, a huge achievement that will pave the way for many young people”.

The Thousand Nights on the Dora is a set of biographies collected among the inhabitants of the neighbourhoods crossed by the Dora, which aims to stimulate the creation of a cohesive and inclusive community, starting from the knowledge of the stories of the people who compose it.

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Lungo Dora Firenze

Lungo Dora Firenze, 21Bis, 10152 Torino TO, Italy

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