Espereal Technologies is an innovative startup with offices in Turin and Cagliari.

Our most important project is called Tellingstones (‘stones’ that tell a story) and is aimed at visitors, tourists and residents, trade operators and cities, for flow management, tourism planning and security.

A team of developers, tourism experts and storytellers, with the support of researchers from different Universities and Research Centres, has been working there for about three years.

We started from one consideration: more than thirty million tourists use no less than ten thousand Apps to get information, to access Museums, Exhibitions and Events, Beaches and Parks, to book Restaurants and attractions of all kinds, to electronically pay for Mobility services and more We had a dream: a single App that works everywhere, to make it easy and safe to move around, to access local services and enjoy what a city can offer, without the need to handle cash, tickets, credit cards or local circuit cards.
We started from Turin, winning the “TORINO LIVING LAB” competition, which allowed us to experiment innovative solutions in a smart city perspective. Once the experimentations were over, we started to propose Tellingstones also in other Cities.

Our History

We started from Turin, winning the “TORINO LIVING LAB” tender, which allowed us to experiment innovative solutions in a smart city perspective

The experimentation, with the support of the Big Data Analysis Lab (City Initiative in collaboration with the Polytechnic of Turin) lasted over a year and also involved local economic operators.

In 2019 we were winners of the European project ToNite (Urban Innovative Actions) together with the City, ANCI NAZIONALE and others.

The project addresses the issue of urban safety, putting local communities at the centre, with a view to social innovation and urban regeneration.

Tellingstones has also been chosen by the International Olympic Committee as the official app of the 2019 European Master Games.

Recently, our technologies have been chosen, through a public tender managed by the University of Bologna (Faculty of Physics), to be applied within the European project S.L.I.D.E.S. (Smart strategies for sustainable tourism in LIvely cultural DEStinations).

Since March 2020, other cities have begun to evaluate the solution.

A growing number of cities and local authorities have decided to adopt and promote it.

Recently, the Promoting Committee for the metropolitan ecomuseum system of Venice has adopted Espereal Technologies’ solution and proposes it to support cities in the coastal area in the promotion and governance of visitor and tourist flows. Espereal Technologies is also a supporting member of the National Technology Cluster for Smart Communities.