Tellingstones is a digital system designed to welcome tourists and visitors through stories and suggestions that you can view or simply listen to as you move.

Tellingstones is particularly addressed to those who visit during the year different destinations that do not want to be forced to use Apps, circuit cards or other tools valid only locally.

Tellingstones goes beyond the logic of the consultation system or digital tour guide. Using modern Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence technologies, Tellingstones ‘meets’ people’s needs with quality proposals.

The new version of the Tellingstones App introduces new features dedicated to tourism in the Covid-19 era. Among these, the possibility to reset queues to zero and to control social distancing inside bathing establishments and in dehors.

And also, the possibility to interact through a conversational chatbot, using the most popular social media (Whatsapp, Facebook, Telegram), in over fifteen different languages!

New features have been specifically introduced to guide tourists through the current PHASE 2 of the Covid-19 emergency:

Receive notifications that update on the existence of particular prohibitions, through a recognized and secure channel, managed directly by the City;

Display on your smarthone the “thermal map”, which indicates the degree of crowding in the nearby areas in which you are. Sometimes, a longer route can be even more interesting, as well as safer!

Display locally generated notifications, in fully automatic mode, that signal the possible risk of contagion from Covid-19, based on the information that the App has received, continuously and silently, from a qualified Dispatch Centre, connected to the NHS.

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Download the Tellingstones app and customize it by uploading one or more Cards. Safe, unique and anonymous, choose them among those available and they will connect you with the local services, events and communities you follow.

The Woodpecker

Discoteca Woodpecker, Viale Nullo Baldini, Cervia, Province of Ravenna, Italy