Tellingstones is a digital system designed to welcome tourists and visitors with quality stories and suggestions.

Our goal is to improve the value of the visiting experience, with absolute respect for privacy.

New features have been specifically introduced to guide tourists through the acute phase of the Covid-19 emergency. Among them:

The possibility to skip the queues for access to any type of service: Museums, Restaurants, Pharmacies, Supermarkets, etc..

Receiving notifications that update on the existence of particular prohibitions, through a recognized and secure channel, managed directly by the authorities in charge of the City;

Display on your smarthone the “thermal map“, which indicates the degree of crowding in the areas adjacent to that in which you are. Sometimes, a longer route can be even more interesting, as well as safer!

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Lungo Dora Napoli

Lungo Dora Napoli, 47L, 10152 Torino TO, Italy

Lungo Dora Firenze

Lungo Dora Firenze, 21Bis, 10152 Torino TO, Italy

Ponte Mosca

Ponte Mosca, Dora, Metropolitan City of Turin, Italy

Ponte Carpanini

Ponte Domenico Carpanini, Turin, Metropolitan City of Turin, Italy

Lungo Dora Savona

Lungo Dora Savona, 16, 10152 Torino TO, Italy